Knitting Pattern #145

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Available in UK and USA Terms

Bottle: 6 ½”(16.5cm)
Headband: 14”(36cm) x 1”(2.5cm)
Bib: 6 ½”(16.5cm)

Materials Needed:

1”(2.5cm) hoop, 1 of 1/3” x 1/10” and 1 of ¼” x 1/10” magnets,

white felt cut into a 1 ¼”(3cm) diameter circle, 24”(60cm) of 3/8”(1cm) ribbon, glue.,

1 medium button 4 triple roses, 4 single roses

UK Materials:3.25mm needles, 45g of 4ply cotton

USA Materials:Size 3 needles, 2 ozs of fingering sport cotton (2)