Crochet Pattern #323

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 Available in UK and USA terminology
Sizes 3: preemie, 0-3, 3-6 months 

Materials needed:
UK double knitting
AU 8ply yarn
USA light worsted(3)

Cardigan (M) 1.9ozs (55g) 2.5ozs (70g) 3.1ozs (90g) 
Romper (C1) 2.5ozs (70g) 2.8ozs (80g) 3.4ozs (95g)
Dress (C2) 3ozs (85g) 3.5ozs (100g) 4.2ozs (120g)
Hat 0.7ozs (20g) 0.8ozs (24g) 1oz (30g) 
(There is approx. 2g used of the C color in the cardigan and 2g used of the M color in the romper/dress. 
The hat can be made in half M and half C)

Flower (C3) scrap and 2 buttons
Medium buttons (per set) 6, 8, 8
Appliqué for boys set
Ribbon 34" (88cm) of ¼" (0.5cm) wide ribbon

Crochet hook USA E, UK 3.5mm