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Crochet Pattern #345

ShiFio's Patterns

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Available in UK and USA terminology
Sizes 3: 1-3, 4-7, 8-10 years

Materials needed:
UK Aran
AU 12ply yarn
USA worsted (4)
Main (MC) baby mint 500g/17.6ozs , 600g/21ozs , 700g/24.6ozs 
C1- black - 15g/0.5ozs , 15g/0.5ozs ,15g/0.5ozs 
C2- grey - 90g/3ozs , 100g/3.5ozs ,120g/4.2ozs 
C3- blue - 15g/0.5ozs ,20g/0.7ozs ,30g/1ozs 
C4- lemon - 20g/0.7ozs, 25g/0.8ozs , 35g/1.2ozs 
C5- white - 15g/0.5ozs ,15g/0.5ozs ,15g/0.5ozs 
C6- pink - 26g/0.9ozs , 26g/0.9ozs ,26g/0.9ozs 

Crochet hook UK 5mm & 8mm, USA H & L