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Invisible 3ch How To

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I am writing this tutorial to help make a neater edge for our matinee jackets or any row really where you need to start with a 3ch (UK) / ch3 (USA)

If you wish to download a pdf version to keep please do so


  1. The first photo shows the original 3ch /ch3 and how it looks at the start of the row, it is out of place, leaves a gap and when you want to add on an edging or band to it, it is difficult to put your hook through. 
  2. The second photo shows the "invisible " version, which as you can see is much neater and allows you to put your hook through for bands etc
  3. I started with a base row of dc/ sc for this example
  4. Make 1ch/ch1 and pull it tight, if you don't it will cause a slight bulge
  5. Make 1dc / 1sc by hook through st, yarn over hook and pull through to make 2 loops
  6. yarn over hook and pull through to complete dc/ sc
  7. The put the hook in between the two loops- i have take 3 photos to show you where
  8. Yarn over the hook and pull through
  9. I always think of this as 2 dc's/ sc's stacked on top of one another
  10. Yarn over hook and pull through to finish
  11. "invisible" 3ch / ch3 made :)
  12. This is where you put the hook through to work down the side of the row- for example when you are adding and edging or button bands

I do hope my little tutorial helps