Knitting Pattern #234

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Available in UK and USA Terms

Sizes 1: Adult

UK & AU Materials Needed:double knitting yarn
Plain hat - 50g main, 10g for pompoms
Plain scarf - 160g main, 50g for pompoms
Plain Wrist warmers - 25g
Snowflake hat - 43g main, 8g contrast, 10g for pompom
Snowflake scarf - 140g main, 40g contrast, 10g for fringe
Snowflake wrist warmers- 16g main, 10g contrast
USA MaterialsNeeded:Light worsted (3)
Plain hat - 1¾oz main, ½oz for pom poms
Plain scarf - 5½oz main, 1¾oz for pompoms
Plain Wrist warmers - ¾oz 
Snowflake hat - 1½oz main, ¼oz contrast, ½oz for pompom
Snowflake scarf - 4½oz main, 1¼oz contrast, ½oz for fringe
Snowflake wrist warmers - ½oz main, ½oz contrast

crochet hook to put fringe on scarf

Knitting needles: USA 5, UK 3.75mm