Knitting Pattern #402

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Requirements for 10” to 12” Doll

UK 4ply, USA sport, AU 5ply

Jacket and hat 40g (2oz)           

Leggings 20g (1oz)

Knitting needles UK 3mm, USA 2

12"(30cm) of ¼"(0.5cm) ribbon

3 small buttons

20cm (8”) of thin elastic

Tension/Gauge: Using 4ply/sport and size 3mm/2 needles over st st = 19 rows x 13 stitches to 2"(5cm)


Requirements for 14” to 16” Doll

UK double knitting, USA light worsted (3), AU 8ply

Jacket and hat 70g (3oz)

Leggings 35g (1oz)

Knitting needles UK 3.75mm, USA 5

3 med buttons

25cm (10”) of thin elastic

Tension/Gauge: Using DK/light worsted (3) and size 3.75mm/5 needles over st st = 15 rows x 11 stitches to 2"(5cm)