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Knitting Pattern #75

ShiFio's Patterns

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Available in UK and USA Terms
10"-12" & 14"- 16"  doll.

Materials Needed:
8 small white pearl ring bows
12 “(30cm) of ¼ “(0.5cm) white satin ribbon
3 small buttons
20” of white pearl beading

UK Materials Needed:
10"-12" - Knitting needles 3mm
50g of each colour 4ply wool
14"-16" - Knitting needles 3 ¾ mm
50g of each colour double knitting

USA Materials Needed:
10"-12" -Knitting needles USA 2
2oz each color fingering sport
14"-16" - Knitting needles USA 5
2oz each color fingering light worsted yarn