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Knitting Pattern #239

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Available in UK and USA Terms

Sizes 1: Size: 16” (40cm) x 12” (30cm)
UK Materials Needed:
70g main (brown) UK double knitting, AU 8ply yarn M
50g contrast 1 (beige) UK double knitting, AUS 8ply yarn C1
50g contrast 2 (cream) UK double knitting, AUS 8ply yarn C2
20g contrast 3 (dark brown)
USA Materials Needed:
3oz main (brown) light worsted yarn (3) M
2oz contrast 1 (beige) light worsted yarn (3) C1
2oz contrast 2 (cream) light worsted yarn (3) C2
½ oz contrast 3 (dark brown) light worsted yarn (3) C3
Scrap of black for the eyes
Additional Materials Needed:Knitting needles 3.75mm, 2 pairs, Cushion pad if using it as a cushion