Knitting Pattern #250

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Available in UK and USA Terms
Sizes 3 : preemie, 0-3 & 3-6 months) 
Length 16" (41cms) 20" (54cms) 24" (61cms)
Width 22" (56cms) 26" (66cms) 30" (76cms)

UK Materials Needed:
UK Double Knitting, AU 8ply yarn, USA Light Worsted (3)
Main 95g 145g 175g
Wings 13g 19g 29g
Breast plate 12g 17g 21g
Eyes 12g 18g 20g
Beak scrap scrap scrap
Hat 30g 35g 39g
Knitting needles 3.75mm
USA Materials Needed:
Main  4oz  5 ¾oz  6¾oz
Wings  ¾oz  1oz  1½oz
Breast plate  ½oz  ¾oz   1oz
Eyes  ½oz  ¾oz  1oz
Beak   scrap  scrap  scrap
Hat  1oz  1¼oz  1½oz  
Knitting needles 3.75mm